You’re the boss

Even if you work for someone else, you’re the boss.

You manage your emotions and actions. You choose where you work. You determine whether you practice your values. You pick what you learn and how you learn. You consider how you communicate with others. You decide what’s okay and what’s not okay. 

Even though most of us have the power to choose this or that, we often don’t use our power well.

When things aren’t going great, we’re quick to blame others for making poor decisions instead of choosing to be kind and speak up.

We let people treat us disrespectfully instead of choosing to maintain boundaries and hold them accountable for their actions.

We stay in jobs that make us unhappy instead of choosing to pursue work we care about.

We complain about systems that don’t work, rather than choosing to try different ways of working.

We’re envious of nurses who do interesting work, but choose to believe it’s impossible for us.

We sacrifice our best work and best years for someone else, instead of choosing not to settle.

In between us and the people we work for is a space, and in that space is an opportunity to use our power to make choices. In those choices lies our potential, our freedom and our purpose.

The next time you want to complain about your boss, remember that you’re the boss … of you.