When reassurance is pointless




Business cards are printed, fliers are posted, and supplies have been ordered.

It’s getting closer to the time I’m launching my independent primary care practice.

I keep second-guessing myself that it’s not going to work and fear rejection from the community.

I could ask a few more people if they like my idea. I could check with the lawyer one last time, just to be sure. I could read the standards again. I could wait a little longer to see if other opportunities come up. I could see what local primary care providers have to say…

… or I could just start.

I could give into my fear, but I keep reminding myself that important work is never unanimously approved and reassurance is futile when failure is possible.

I’ll never be ready to do this. I’ll never have enough reassurance. There will be people who won’t like what I’m doing.

What are you putting off because you haven’t got enough reassurance, or because you’re afraid of someone’s disapproval?

If the cost of failure and disapproval are less than the cost of being right, don’t wait for reassurance, and don’t worry about disappointing people.

Just start.