What are we waiting for?

That thing you’re afraid of doing or saying at work – if your fears actually came true what’s the worst thing that could happen?  

If you 

raised your hand during a meeting to share your ideas

told your boss the real reason you’re falling behind

asked for permission to work less hours 

proposed a different way of working

created a new committee at work

confessed to making a mistake

started a business

reported an unsafe colleague

found a new job

what’s the worst thing that might happen?

Would it be the end of your life? Unlikely. Would the outcome be irreversibly damaging? Probably not. 

Sure, if you said or did what scared you someone might disagree with you or misunderstand you; you might feel embarrassed, or be judged – and then what? 

Often, the things we are most afraid of doing cause only transient discomfort, rarely are the outcomes irreversible. And, risks usually aren’t as scary once we realize that the worst that can happen won’t hurt us in the long run. 

We’re all afraid, so there’s no sense waiting for fear to go away. We just gotta dance with it.

Facing our fears feels risky, but failure to act on our fears is the greatest risk of all.