The Canadian Practical
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The Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam®

Here’s the thing. The CPNRE® is the most dreaded obstacle to becoming a practical nurse in Canada. The most challenging part of the CPNRE® begins long before sitting down to write it.

Ask someone who’s written the CPNRE® before and they’ll agree: preparing is the hardest part.

Prepping for - and writing - the CPNRE® can be frustrating, confusing and more stressful than it should be. What can a smart practical nursing student do?

Luckily for you, there’s help.

Introducing NursEd CPNRE® Tools

We believe exam prep resources should be accessible, relevant, interesting and comprehensive and strive to help practical nursing students prepare for the CPNRE® in the simplist way possible, without the sacrifice of a whole lot of money or time. That's why we've created tools that are affordable, convenient and simple to use.

Founded in 2017 by nurse practitioner, writer, teacher and entrepreneur Gillian Elmes, NursEd is a learning platform that uses digital, asynchronous tools and synchronous coaching designed to help Canadian practical nursing students review and practice applying concepts tested on the CPNRE®. Since 2017, students from coast to coast have trusted and used NursEd for exam prep, with more students participating every week.


Each CPNRE® tool was developed using fundamental resources used by CPNRE® administrator to help people learn to apply their knowledge and think critically when they write their exam. As an online learning experience, students can participate from the comfort of their home.  

From one-on-one help, a comprehensive review eBook and multiple choice practice questions, to flash cards and a timed mock exam, NursEd gives students whatever they need to prepare, right when they need it.

Prices can be found by clicking on the tool cards above, and inquiries about group pricing can be sent to

How NursEd helps

We understand what you want when it comes to preparing for the CPNRE®, so we’re here to help you:

  • Understand the information tested on the CPNRE®
  • Learn how to identify what questions asking you
  • Answer multiple choice questions without guessing
  • Connect with others who are on the same journey as you
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Practice applying your knowledge to answer questions that are new to you
  • Spend less time guessing what you should know
  • Critically think
  • Be more confident and less stressed
  • Do the best you can

Who’s it for?

People from coast to coast use NursEd, like Canadian practical nursing students and internationally-educated nurses, people who have or have not written the CPNRE® before, and people who want a better way to prepare.

With only three chances to write the CPNRE®, you’ll need to make sure you understand Canadian nursing practice standards and how to prioritize fundamental nursing assessments and interventions for this exam.

Whether you’re still in school, almost done, just finished or already graduated. Whether it’s your first, second, or third attempt to write. NursEd CPNRE® tools are for anyone who wants to be in on the most valuable information when getting ready for the CPNRE®.

And also people like professors, teachers, instructors, lecturers and nursing program administrators. NursEd CPNRE® tools are helpful for anyone who is interested in Canadian practical nursing education.

The benefits of NursEd CPNRE® Tools

Instant access to a comprehensive review eBook, practice questions, flash cards and a mock exam. Choose just what you need, when it’s right for you.

On-line products are available 24/7. You don’t have to wait for the next session or course to start.

One-on-one help to lead you through exam prep.

Simplified approaches to understanding the essentials of Canadian practical nursing.

Answering strategies that teach you how to answer questions on the CPNRE®. Questions that most people get wrong.

Consistent approaches ensures you get the same information, tactics and practice questions as everyone else who is writing the CPNRE®.

We're here to help

Though we can’t promise everyone initial success on the CPNRE®, we promise that NursEd will be relevant, useful and available when it comes to helping you get ready to do your best.