The perfect job

Doesn’t exist…

Every single job and every single pursuit, no matter how wonderful it seems at first, comes with its own set of problems. Even the job of your dreams, the job you hope for your entire life.

Years ago I landed the perfect job, or so I thought. I had the privilege of working autonomously. The hours were nice, the money was good and I was fortunate to work with some great people. It was the job I dreamed of for decades – but I was miserable.

In between moments of loving my work, things were terrible.

So, the question isn’t “What’s your dream job?” The question is, “What are you willing to put up with when things aren’t going well?”

The secret to finding the work you’re meant to do is more about figuring out what you’re willing to endure when things get hard, and less to do with knowing what you’re passionate about.

You can be really passionate about something, but if the work causes too much stress and angst then it’s not worth pursing.

When the frustration between good moments seems worth it, that’s when you’re on the right path. When you love what you do and you want it enough, you’ll be able to weather the storms that happen between times of joy and satisfaction.

It’s hard to walk away from a job, especially the job of your dreams.

It’s even harder to show up every day and do work that isn’t worth the frustrations that come with it.