Nobody is coming

Nursing teaches many lessons. For starters, it’s challenging. There’s dirty work. Physical labour. Long hours. Overtime. Short-staffing. Night shifts. Sadness. It can be gruelling and exhausting, especially in the beginning.

I learned a valuable lesson in my early years as a nurse practitioner. A lesson that has shaped my career and changed how I approach my work. Here it is:

Nobody is coming.

Nobody is coming to tell us to study.

To learning something new.

To write the book we want to write.

To create the business we dream of.

To start the project we’ve been thinking about.

To develop that idea.

To launch that event.

To call that meeting.

To join that committee.

To apply for a new job.

No one – not our parents, our colleagues, our friends, our children, our spouse or our partner wants what we want and needs what we need. People care about us, but they’re busy with their own lives. Once we’re beyond childhood, nobody can make us do things we don’t feel like doing.

Once we realize that nobody is coming to tell us to do the things we’re afraid of, that nobody is coming to pick us, and that nobody is coming to hold our hand and lead the way, we can get to work.

People who start things and chase their dreams know that nobody is going to tell them what to do or do it for them.

You’re on the right track when you know that no one is coming.