Learn by not doing it right

Our daughter is learning how to ride a two-wheeler bike. Only, she’s not learning by pedalling or using training wheels. She’s learning by running, lifting up her feet and balancing. After all, biking isn’t about pedalling, it’s mostly about balancing. Figure out how to balance and the pedalling part is easy.

Likewise, we don’t learn to walk by walking. We learn to walk by standing, taking a step and falling. By learning what doesn’t work. By making safe mistakes. By watching others, and repeating.

Our work is no different. We don’t become expert nurses by being knowledgeable and skilled. We become experts by learning from other people’s mistakes, from teaching others, and showing up because we want to.

We learn our craft by not doing our craft well.

We learn to write well by first writing poorly.

We learn to deliver effective speeches by first giving bad ones.

Isn’t it true that we learn most things in life by not doing them the way they ought to be done, at first?