“It’s not my ideal job”

We do a great disservice to ourselves and the world when we get stuck in a job doing work we don’t like. When we reach a place and stay there, we miss out on opportunities and the chance to grow and make our best contributions.

Starting something new feels risky and scary. But I must tell you, the risks of staying comfortable (and dissatisfied) are even greater.

So here’s your permission slip to walk away from the comfort of certainty into the wilderness of doing work you care about. You’re entitled to do this work, but first you have to believe you’re allowed.

Wake an hour earlier than you need to. Work in the evening, on your lunch breaks, on weekends and in your spare time. Do something – anything – every day that will take you one step closer to where you want to be.

Dreams and goals only come true when we consistently show up and work away at them.

It’s never a good time to do something different. Do it anyway.