Find your heroes

Too often, we look at people who are succeeding, people who we consider a hero and we mistakingly believe they have it altogether. But heroes aren’t perfect. They are normal people who have overcome hurdles. They are successful because of their failures, fears, risks and struggles, not in spite of them.

I’ve recently discovered many heroes (like Seth, Brene, MarieTim, and Cindy) and they’ve made my life so much better.

We don’t need to meet heroes for them to have an impact. The examples they set in their work and their lives are often enough to help us become the people we’re meant to be and do the work we’re meant to do.

You don’t have to look very far to find them. Heroes are right in front of you, whispering in your ear and showing you the way if you’re paying attention.

Coaches are rare and expensive, but heroes are everywhere.

What would your heroes do?