Embracing the suck

Inherent in anything worth doing is a truth we seldom talk about: Success and struggle are inextricably connected.

We cannot be successful at something unless we’re willing to start off by being bad at it and embrace the suck when things get hard (and things worth doing always get hard).

The trouble is, many of us don’t realize that struggle is an inevitable part of the journey to accomplishing anything meaningful. When we aren’t prepared for things to suck struggle, we give up far earlier than we should.

Instead of fighting and ignoring the inevitability of struggle, we can embrace it by having uncomfortable conversations, staying curious about our emotions and experiences and identifying and solving problems early and often.

When we accept the fact that things are going to get messy and difficult and uncomfortable ahead of time we’re more likely to stick with them when we feel stressed.

If putting in time and effort will help you get through the beginning to the end of something, it’s worth embracing the suck.