Do what others won’t

A little known secret to marketing yourself and persuading people to choose you: Do what that others won’t. 

Make a phone call without being asked. Send a friendly, personal email instead of a generic one. Be available after hours. Listen more than you speak. Create a committee. Volunteer your time. Write a reference guide for your unit.

Do something, anything, that others could do, but choose not to because they’re too afraid/uncertain/preoccupied/selfish.

A nurse consultant works for years mastering his craft, learning the ins and outs. He sees the bigger picture and finds opportunities to teach and connect and lead until he’s built a reputation for himself.

A nurse in independent practice understands the barriers, frustrations, needs and wishes of the people she hopes to help, and delivers services on weekends, evenings and holidays when others choose to be unavailable.

A nurse freelancer knows that her work speaks for itself. She chooses to offer solutions to potential clients instead waiting for them to tell her what to do. She decides who she wants to be, and the kind of work she wants to do and finds clients who want what she’s offering. She knows it’s better to choose what to do than to rely on someone else to give instructions.

If we want to be noticed, land a great job, find better clients, or earn trust, we must create value. By focusing relentlessly on pleasing the people we hope to influence, we can’t help but be valuable to them.

The challenge isn’t doing something different than everybody else. The challenge is having the empathy to see what ought to be done and finding the courage to commit to it.