CPNRE® Comprehensive Review Series: Part 1





Since it’s too important not to share, I’m going to serialize part of the 1st chapter of the NursEd CPNRE® Comprehensive Review eBook and post it here over the next few weeks. 

I’d like to dedicate this book to every Canadian practical nursing candidate who demands better and to every practical nursing educator who cares deeply about helping their students succeed. 

Here’s how it begins: 


Thirty years ago nursing was easier.

I wasn’t even a nurse back then, but I know.

There were fewer medications to remember and not many diagnostic tests to understand. Guidelines, journals and recommendations were scarce. And textbooks – well, there certainly weren’t as many. Nursing was far less complicated, and it was easier to avoid making mistakes.

And then technology evolved and the Internet showed up.

Besides solving many of our problems, these changes created a new problem that nurses had never experienced before: too much information.

In fact, so much information that it has become impossible to keep up-to-date, learn everything we should know and provide reliable and consistent care on our own. The reason it’s impossible to learn and apply everything we’re supposed to is simple: information is infinite, but our mental capacity is not.

Humans don’t learn well when we’re lectured at, and when we’re expected to absorb an overwhelming amount of information in a short period of time. We don’t learn as much when we try to read and watch something or someone at the same time. And when information is complex, our brains can’t keep up.

Turns out, we learn better when we’re taught information over time, drip by drip, and when the time is right for us. And we learn far better when information is simplified, interesting and relevant to us.

So I wrote this book.

A book that’s easier to learn from than a textbook, with information that doesn’t disappear like a lecture. A comprehensive review for people getting ready to write the CPNRE® who want to prepare in a simpler, less stressful way. A kind of tool I wish I had when I struggled to study for my own nursing registration exams not too many years ago.

Thanks for reading, and good luck on your exam. It’s a privilege to be able to help you.