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Are you preparing for the CPNRE®?

Here’s the thing: School prepares us for nursing, not how to write a nursing registration exam. Fact is, the CPNRE® is the most dreaded obstacle to becoming a practical nurse because we don’t learn how to get ready for it.

The most difficult lesson we’ve learned from writing our own nursing registration exams is that we cannot apply what we know consistently and reliably without practice. Succeeding on multiple-choice exams like the CPNRE® requires that we practice answering questions so that when the questions are different on the real exam (and they will be), we can confidently answer them without guessing.

Getting ready for the CPNRE® demands that you let go of what you once thought to be true (but is not) and be open to learning things you haven’t learned before.

What if…

What do you think causes people to feel unprepared, to second guess themselves, or fail the CPNRE®? We can probably all agree that having certain nursing knowledge and exam-writing skills are essential.

A few questions to think about:

  • Is it possible to understand how to answer questions without guessing?
  • Can people spend less time worrying how to get ready for the CPNRE®?

If so, would it matter?

  • Would people feel less stressed, be more productive, and feel more confident about writing the CPNRE®?
  • Could people avoid the disappointment of failing?

We think so.

It’s one of the reasons why NursEd was built. To help people become nurses in the least stressful and smartest way. Because it is possible. Being a nurse is hard enough. Preparing to write an exam to become a nurse doesn’t have to be.

Here’s your chance to see what it’s like preparing for the CPNRE® by getting just the information you need, right when you need it.