Comprehensive Review Flash Cards


Comprehensive Review Flash Cards

 A simple way to prepare for the CPNRE®

If you’re interested in reviewing important concepts to know for the CPNRE®, you may find our digital Flash Cards helpful. They’ll help you learn things you didn’t think you needed to know, and discover that preparing doesn’t have to involve much guesswork.

Here are some of the benefits of our Flash Cards:

  • Instant on-line access to a comprehensive review of the relevant content tested on the CPNRE® and 200 practice questions
  • Understand how to apply your knowledge to answer questions and situations that will be new to you on your exam
  • Learn tactics to guide your thinking when you write the CPNRE®
  • Get unlimited access for 60 days
  • Mobile and desktop accessible


To purchase Flash Cards, click on the ‘purchase’ button and follow instructions to create a NursEd account prior to payment. If you have any difficulty, please contact us at 


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My Free CPNRE® Trial

My Free CPNRE® Trial

Are you preparing for the CPNRE®?

Here’s the thing: School prepares us for nursing, not how to write a nursing registration exam. Fact is, the CPNRE® is the most dreaded obstacle to becoming a practical nurse because we don’t learn how to get ready for it.

The most difficult lesson we’ve learned from writing our own nursing registration exams is that we cannot apply what we know consistently and reliably without practice. Succeeding on multiple-choice exams like the CPNRE® requires that we practice answering questions so that when the questions are different on the real exam (and they will be), we can confidently answer them without guessing.

Getting ready for the CPNRE® demands that you let go of what you once thought to be true (but is not) and be open to learning things you haven’t learned before.

What if…

What do you think causes people to feel unprepared, to second guess themselves, or fail the CPNRE®? We can probably all agree that having certain nursing knowledge and exam-writing skills are essential.

A few questions to think about:

  • Is it possible to understand how to answer questions without guessing?
  • Can people spend less time worrying how to get ready for the CPNRE®?

If so, would it matter?

  • Would people feel less stressed, be more productive, and feel more confident about writing the CPNRE®?
  • Could people avoid the disappointment of failing?

We think so.

It’s one of the reasons why NursEd was built. To help people become nurses in the least stressful and smartest way. Because it is possible. Being a nurse is hard enough. Preparing to write an exam to become a nurse doesn’t have to be.

Here’s your chance to see what it’s like preparing for the CPNRE® by getting just the information you need, right when you need it.

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Comprehensive Review Book

CPNRE® Comprehensive Review Book

Effective, simplified, all-inclusive

A book for Canadian practical nursing candidates who want more

We’re exposed to so much information in school and then we’re tested on it with nursing registration exams. But only some of it, and it’s hard to know how to connect the information all together.

That is what the CPNRE® is all about: making connections.

  • Connecting theory to practice
  • Connecting hypothetical scenarios to what you’re supposed to do
  • Connecting questions to the right answers

It’s hard to answer questions correctly on the CPNRE® without understanding how to make these connections. It’s the reason why a lot of people believe many questions have more than one right answer, why people guess, why people feel unprepared and why people do poorly on the CPNRE®.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The secret to passing is learning the right information and having the ability to see what each question is asking you, so that when the questions are different on the CPNRE® you’ll be more likely to answer questions right.



Get useful information & learn how to use it

With a Comprehensive Review that provides you with a review of relevant information tested on the CPNRE® and helps you understand how to answer questions without guessing. By learning how approach questions you haven’t seen before, you’ll be prepared to answer the toughest questions on your exam (the kinds of questions most people get wrong).

Whether your exam is next week or two months away, our Comprehensive Review is meant for anyone who is interested in writing the CPNRE®. From clarifying Canadian nursing practice standards to prioritizing essential nursing assessments and interventions, we’ve covered it all.


A proven way to prepare

More effective than a lecture, more accessible than a course, more interesting than a textbook, and it works. 

Preparing for the CPNRE® doesn’t have to mean guesswork, cramming and worry. By learning what’s important to know for this exam and understanding tactics for answering questions, you can feel confident that you’ve done your best to get ready.

We believe in thinking differently when it comes to nursing and education, and we believe that preparing for registration exams – like the CPNRE® – can be done in a simpler, less stressful way.  That’s why we’ve created tools like the CPNRE® Comprehensive Review.

With personal stories, practice questions and rationales, answering tactics and easy-to-understand explanations, here are some benefits:

• Self-paced. Start preparing when it’s right for you. Review at your own pace to get to where you want to be –  no need to wait for the next session or course to start. 

• 300 pages of information applicable to the CPNRE®. Read this all-inclusive review on screen or on paper. Take as much time as you need to learn what matters most.

• 50+ answering tactics are embedded throughout. You’ll have the advantage of knowing what questions are asking you and how to answer them – without guessing.

180+ questions to practice applying what you know as you go. The more you practice, the more you learn.

• Consistent, effective approach. You get the same content and advice as everyone else who’s writing the CPNRE®.


Now in paperback

By popular request, the 6th Edition CPNRE® Comprehensive Review is available in paperback as of January 2020. At this time the eBook edition is not available.



Ready to get started?

To purchase, simply click on the ‘purchase’ button and follow instructions to create a NursEd account prior to payment. If you have any difficulty, please contact us at 


Not sure if this is right for you?

Take us for a test drive – see what other people are saying or check out our blog here.

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Multiple Choice Questions


Multiple Choice Questions

Apply what you know

The CPNRE® is less about recalling facts, and more about applying concepts, rules and theories to answer questions about situations that are new to you.

Which means betting on recognizing right answers on this exam isn’t enough, and why practicing questions matters. The best way to get good at answering questions is to simply practice them.

So that’s why were here, to help you do just that.


How you practice matters

Our multiple choice questions include answer rationales that explain the purpose of every question. You’ll have the advantage of learning what questions are asking you and learn tactics to answer similar questions on the CPNRE®.


Practice makes progress 

Here are some of the benefits of using our multiple choice practice questions:

  • Instant online access to 200 multiple choice questions. You can answer each question up to two times and access all completed questions and answer rationales for 15 days.
  • Conveniently accessible to you 24/7. Practice wherever, whenever.
  • Un-timed. Focus on practicing how to answer questions correctly without worrying about the time.


To purchase multiple choice questions, simply click on the ‘purchase’ button and follow the link to create a NursEd account before providing payment. If you have any problems with this please contact us at


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Online Comprehensive Review Workshop


Online CPNRE® Comprehensive Review Workshop

It’s hard to be objective when it comes to studying. We think practicing questions will be enough. We think we’re reading the right stuff. We think we know enough to pass.

But sometimes we need someone to guide us where we need to go.

If you don’t know exactly what you need, but you want a simpler and less stressful way to get ready for the CPNRE®, maybe you need an online review workshop.


A personal coach when you need it

An alternative way to get ready

Becoming a practical nurse is a choice, doing your best is also a choice. In this interactive online review workshop, Gillian Elmes (NursEd founder) will lead you through a review of information pertaining to the CPNRE®. The workshop is designed around the fundamentals of Canadian practical nursing, taught in a way that’s interesting, easy to understand and relevant to this exam. Through stories, discussion and interactive practice questions, Gillian will teach you, support you and connect you with people who are on the same journey. As a bonus, you’ll get the 6th edition  300+ page NursEd CPNRE® Comprehensive Review book, including over 180 practice questions.


You’ll learn

  • The fundamentals of Canadian practical nursing relevant to the CPNRE®
  • How to answer the toughest questions without guessing
  • Answering tactics to help you recognize what questions are asking you
  • Rationales for the most difficult scenarios and topics
  • How to prioritize problems and nursing interventions –  and more

3 day Workshop info 

  • Price: $425 (tax included)
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Course material: NursEd CPNRE® Comprehensive Review book
  • Dates: 
    • Tuesday August 25, 2020: 1 pm – 4:30 pm (eastern time)
    • Wednesday August 26, 2020: 1 pm – 4:30 pm (eastern time)
    • Thursday August 27, 2020: 1 pm – 4:30 pm (eastern time)
  • Deadline to register: 
    • Monday August 17, 2020



Course syllabus 

  • Learning tool: NursEd CPNRE® Comprehensive Review book to kickstart your exam prep
    • Part 1: The business of communication
    • Part 2: Clients first
    • Part 3: What’s okay & what’s not okay
    • Part 4: To share or not to share
    • Part 5: Documentation: As important as the work itself
    • Part 6: Let people decide for themselves
    • Part 7: When all else fails
    • Part 8: Doing the right thing
    • Part 9: Authority
    • Part 11: What do you know, what can you do?
    • Part 14: What’s most important


Register now

If you’re interested in signing up, simply email us at, and we’ll get back to you to complete the registration process.


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