Continuing education: Book list 2019

It appears as though most of us spend our ‘continuing education’ time learning about clinical care.

Clinical information is the easiest to teach and learn: What’s new in dementia treatment? What’s changed in the publicly-funded immunization schedule? Here’s the latest update in postpartum care. Hence the reason conferences, training seminars, lunch-and-learns, guidelines and journal articles are the primary forces in continuing education for nurses.

But – continuing education isn’t just about being up-to-date on the latest information in clinical practice.

Continuing education is about improving our judgment, understanding our values and beliefs and developing the right attitude. It’s also about personal growth, learning to think and work differently and contribute our best possible work. This kind of education requires a lot more vulnerability, effort and self-reflection than we’re used to.

In a world that’s changing fast and rewarding people who do what others won’t, we need to be willing to engage in education that isn’t easy. The Internet is great for providing this kind of education, and so are books.

Here’s a list of books I’ve added to my shelf this year with links for more info (and here’s my list from 2018 in case you missed it). These books have nothing to do with clinical information and everything to do with understanding the world, why our work matters and how we can make nursing better for us and the people we hope to help.



Dare to lead


This is marketing

Big magic

Running down a dream

Braving the wilderness

A second chance

Educated: A memoir