Coming alive

I suspect some of you at one time or another have felt overwhelmed, restless or frustrated, maybe even desperate for something else.

Perhaps you’ve said to yourself, I need to go back to school. I need a vacation. I need time off from work. 

This might not feel like a great place to be, but it really is. It means you’re realizing you’re on the wrong path.

When we find ourselves longing for change, for a break and think to ourselves, I need to do something different, but I have no idea what to do”, we can ask ourselves a simple question:

When was the last time I came alive?

Consider the last time you felt the most satisfied, joyous and invigorated. What have you always loved to do, but don’t do as much anymore?

That’s the thing you should do.

You might be shocked to realize the last time you felt this way was when you were a child.

Maybe it’s swimming, drawing or writing. Or perhaps it’s dancing or knitting that makes you feel alive.

It doesn’t matter if it seems like a ridiculous, self-indulgent idea. It doesn’t matter if it pays the bills. It doesn’t need to.

What matters is that you do what makes you come alive. It might just be the only way to living a happy, interesting and satisfying life, when your work that pays the bills doesn’t do it for you.