Choices that matter

Empathy, respect, honesty, boundaries, leadership, trustworthiness, confidentiality, accountability, privacy, listening, advocacy, vulnerability, self-awareness, patience and creativity.

These are choices, often hard and difficult decisions we make every day.

They are skills too, but choices first.

Nursing is a collection of these choices.

We make the choice of listening to people, the choice of including people in planning their care and setting goals, and the choice to support the decisions people make. We decide whether we seek to understand people’s problems and we decide whether we encourage people to speak up when things aren’t working for them.

We can know a lot about illness, but it’s these choices that make all the difference.

It takes tremendous practice to listen instead of talk, to do what’s right instead of what’s quick and easy and to do what feels vulnerable over what’s comfortable. Those of us who make these kinds of choices every day are sometimes in short supply.

Hard choices make for an easier life, a better career, a bigger impact and more opportunities.

Choose wisely.