The Chance of A Lifetime

Nursing is a platform of opportunity to make a difference.

But the process of becoming a nurse, and the work of nursing is anything but easy.

While motivation can come from anywhere, for me it happened when I became a nurse practitioner and couldn’t keep up.

I built NursEd because I was unsatisfied with the existing tools available to support the learning needs of future and current nurses.

Most courses, textbooks, seminars and conferences fail to consider how people learn – and what nurses need to know. And that’s not good enough in the information technology era, when people long to be treated like human beings.

Education must be interesting, accessible, helpful and relevant for us to practice nursing. And that’s precisely why I’m challenging myself to breakdown barriers impeding the learning and work you need and want to do.

I believe that the most influential education is the kind that teaches nurses to see differently, to speak up, to innovate, to improve care and to do work that’s meaningful.

And so, NursEd. A different way to learn. A new way of thinking about the work we do.

To help you get the education you need to succeed in the world as a nurse today, we’re going to move away from the CPNRE, and focus on the work that lies ahead of you. A future filled with impossible possibilities.

I hope you’ll join me.

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