Applying for work

Is a competition for attention.

Getting hired requires you to tell a true story that resonates with the people who are hiring you. A story about how you can help solve their problems, meet their needs and achieve their goals.

Sending out a bunch of the same cover letters and resumes to different health care organizations isn’t the greatest way of getting hired anymore. Not for the best nursing jobs, anyways.

In a connected and competitive marketplace, people look for reasons not to hire you. If you have spelling mistakes, average work experiences, no remarkable achievements or a poor reputation, you may not get the attention you want.

Today, getting the best jobs requires you to be vulnerable and do what your competition isn’t doing. What if you:

  • attach letters of recommendation with your resume?
  • share a project you’re working on?
  • provide a copy of a book you wrote?
  • show a website you own?
  • tell a story about a program you developed?
  • write a manifesto about how you’re transforming health care?

Nurses who land the best jobs get far because their past and their reputation echoes with the people they hope to work for, not because of their resume.

Standing out is seriously underrated, and fitting in won’t get you where you want to go. The only person stopping you from daring to be different is you.