Gillian Elmes


Staying curious, kind, and you.

If we’re going to make the impact we want to make in the world, we need to start by doing things differently.

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Nurses are at the heart of health care and have an important role to play in promoting health, preventing disease and leading change. As people who are the closest to clients, nurses are in a unique position to use new and better ways of learning and working.
If we're going to make a difference in health care and make lasting change for the people we hope to help, we need to start believing that we're enough, that our voices matter, that it's okay to take risks and try new things.
NursEd is committed to helping future and current nurses thrive in the world today by helping them overcome obstacles, innovate, lead, do meaningful work and create lasting change. Our bet is that if we invest in helping nurses learn what they need and do work that matters to them, we can make an impact.

Anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are.

The easiest way to learn these days is online. And the smartest way to learn is by getting information you need, when you need it.

Transform how you learn, what you learn & how you work.

We believe the most influential education is the kind that helps people find their purpose and teaches people how to be courageous, innovative and kind. In a world that’s changing fast and rewarding people who contribute their best possible work, we need to be willing to engage in education that improves our judgment, challenges our beliefs and changes how we think and work.

Get started, take a leap & go further.

Nursing is a platform of opportunity - but the process of becoming a nurse, and the work of nursing is anything but easy. Whether you’re a nursing student, just starting your career or you've been practicing for years, NursEd is here to help you tackle problems and achieve more than you thought possible.

The Science is Simple

The Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam®: Made easy

Preparing for the CPNRE® gets hard when it comes to learning the ways we’re expected to think, feel and act about things like respect, trust, honesty, ethics, advocacy, leadership, empathy, communication, client-centered care, privacy and consent. These concepts are hard to teach, tough to learn and difficult to put into practice.

In a world of infinite knowledge and finite opportunities to write and prepare for the CPNRE®, the best choice is to stick with learning the hard stuff. The details about nursing you might not like that much. If you can learn the hard stuff, you’ll have a better chance of passing this exam.

NursEd's CPNRE® Comprehensive Review eBook is designed to help Canadian practical nursing candidates better understand the most difficult concepts in nursing and learn how to answer questions without guessing. Our Flash cards, multiple choice questions and timed-mock exam with answer rationales give people the chance to practice applying what they know.

We know from experience that getting ready for nursing registration exams can be a stressful and confusing process, but it doesn't have to be.